Research in the Modern Age- a conversation with Dr. Rachel Harding.

Research bears infinite opportunities and endless possibilities in solving some of sciences difficult questions. Thousands upon thousands of creative, dedicated and ...
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Collaboration with UofT MedStore

We have launched our first pilot on the UofT MedStore website! Click for more info.

Meet Dr. Mostafa Altalibi: The Professional School Edition

Our blogger Meryam sits down with Dr. Mostafa Altalibi, an orthodontist, to talk about graduate professional programs

Stranger Than Fiction: A look at the relationship between science and film

Sci-Fi movies are the rare combination of arts and science. Our blogger Andrew Zhai dwelves into the interesting relationship between the two.

The New Science Graduate Crusaders: Part 2

In Part II of this interview series, Dr. Ludovic Live shares some of his insights on the graduate student narrative and his outlook on the science-business realm.

The New Science Graduate Crusaders: Part 1

This is the first article of our Interview Series. We sat down with Dr. Ludovic Live who is currently pursuing an MBA degree to talk about how he transitioned from academia to the business world.

Introducing "Interview Series with Life Science Professionals"

Scinapsis is starting a Blog Series that aims to help graduate students in life sciences to understand the potential job market, as well as how they can plan their career path. Stay tuned for our first article next week!

The Many Faces of Gender Discrimination and Why It won’t Go Away

The debate on gender parity within the workforce has been a long-standing one. Questions as to whether women are barred from promotion can be polarized, but statistics now show lower number of women are in senior roles, as well as lower wages, compared to men.

Scinapsis Synopsis: How to Deal with Challenges in Grad School?

Grad school is challenging, but by overcoming such challenges we grow. This week our members share with you their challenges and how they dealt with them. We hope that our comments can serve as an inspiration to you.

Make an Account and Try Scinapsis Beta Now

Scinapsis beta is now open for registration. If your institute is situated near University of Toronto St. George Campus, you can sign up for an account now. We will be opening registration to more institutes and areas very soon!

The Myths of The Detox

Detox diets have become very popular the last couple of years, with buzz words like cleansing and regenerate, but is it real, or is it just a myth? Today we explore the topic of “What is true detox?”...

Scinapsis Interview Series - Mr. Lawrence Ng

Lawrence has been involved with computing in one form or another as far back as 1986. He adopts the philosophy of a bottom-up approach to systems implementation, which more closely matches the needs of academic science computing.

STEM and Gender Disparity: An Invisible Reality or an Elusive Myth?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a rapidly growing field.  However, within this developing field and all its promise of innovation, there remains a troubling statistic: gender disparity within STEM related jobs.  

Scinapsis Synopsis: Why We Fell in Love with Research

The path of a scientist can be long and discouraging at times. Somewhere along the way we might have forgotten why we entered this profession. Let’s see what our Scinapsis team members have to say about what sparked their interest in research.

Scinapsis Closed Beta is online!

Scinapsis beta is online! A special thanks to all registered beta-testers for your continue comments and feedbacks. We continue to welcome all researchers at institutes in the downtown Toronto area to register for a test account.

Is Science Outsourcing the Future?

The paradigm is shifting from the “lone-wolf scientist” type of research towards collaborations and outsourcing.  But is this really what research is?  Is research more related to experimental technique or experimental design?

CRISPR Technology Pushing the Ethical Limits of Genome Editing

CRISPR technology is pushing the ethical limits of our genome editing capacity, with new potential for the creation of designer babies.  What will this mean for the human race?  Do we need to know all, control all?


Scinapsis Closed-Beta is Rolling Out Soon

We take journals and mix them with supplier provided catalogs et voilà at a click of a button you have non-biased, published visual data that allows you to take your antibody pick objectively; just like magic!

The Entrepreneurship Hatchery X Scinapsis Crossover 2015

We are thrilled to announce our participating in the 2015 cohort of The Entrepreneurship Hatchery at the University of Toronto this summer!  To make things more exciting, we will be releasing our closed beta for testing in May!

Scinapsis Interview Series - Mr. Arthur Aubry

Arthur Aubry is a PhD candidate from France currently studying at the University of Toronto in the Dept. of LMP. We recently talked to him about his thoughts and experiences as a researcher in Canada and how does it compare to France.

Part 2 - Writing a resume for industry as a scientist: Context, Story, Impact and Go!

Take a moment and think about this question: “If there are ten other colleagues in your lab, how can you write a resume that will make you stand out from the rest of them?” Let me show you how…

Why Should you Learn to Write a Winner Resume for the Industry (Part 1)

PhDs are smart and at the top of their game, but that does not make looking for a job any easier. The truth is that competition for a job in the industry is stiff as ever... let me show you here why you need to learn to write your resume…

Growing your Soft Skills in a Hardened Graduate Environment (Part 2)

We continue our discussion today on growing your soft skills in the lab environment with persuasion skills and leadership skills. Soft skills are “employable skills” that relate to a person’s EQ. They tell your employer how well you will play with others.

Spotlight Interview Series - Dr. Filippos Peidis

For this week’s Spotlight Interview, we invited Dr. Filippos Peidis at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Toronto, to share with us his thoughts on the current research environment, and also a little about his own projects.  Let's give him a warm welcome!

Growing your Soft Skills in a Hardened Graduate Environment (Part 1)

Soft skills are those “employable skills” that are related to a person’s EQ or emotional intelligence and are a set of personal traits that tell your employer how well you will play with others.  They are important in today's job market, how do you get them?

How to Graduate Faster?

Acquiring that three letters "PhD" behind your name is getting more and more challenging.  Having a good publication is one way to get your there faster.  You need to have a clear plan in your mind to get the story together.  Let me show you how...

3 Ways to Stay Motivated and Enjoy Graduate School

You CAN enjoy your time in graduate school. If you are filled with skepticism, I assure you, there are ways.  Graduate school is frustrating at times.  How do we keep pushing ourselves in this “research” game in order to achieve greatness?

How do researchers choose their antibody? A survey...

During the early stages of Scinapsis development, our team interviewed 100 researchers at the Lunenfeld Tenanbaum Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto Canada to investigate their antibody usage in their respective research projects.

Seven Most Common Antibody Experimental Techniques in 2013

Scinapsis is a tool that connects researchers to evidence-of-use for antibodies or other reagents in publications. During the early stages of development, we asked, "What are the most popular antibody related experimental techniques in life science research?".

What is Scinapsis? And How Can It Help With Your Antibody Search?

The mission of Scinapsis is to connect scientist to antibodies for their experiments.  Peer reviewed publications are the new catalog for laboratory reagents.  We bring you evidence-of-use for the reagent you want to try with the click of a button.

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